How to Make the Sound on the iPhone a Little Louder on Such A Site

This page is what I learned after watching several videos and experimenting myself and then finding the way to make it work if using Voice Over too. This set of directions on how to make your iPhone even louder is for all people but also includes the extra step  you must do  when using Voice Over. This page is being placed on both the main iPhone page of my site as well as the Voice Over page to let all know about this feature.


How to Make the Sound on the iPhone a Little Louder.

By Glenda V. such, M. Ed. feel free to write me at suchasite1@gmail.if you want to comment on this or any other of my pagesí


Here are the steps to try and see if you like the results. Voice Over users, I will make a note where you have to take an extra step.


1.     You can save yourself steps if you ask Siri to open Music Settings.

2.     If you donít want to use Siri, then manually Open Settings.

3.     Go way down the list until you find Music.

4.     If you used Siri, this is where you will start after Siri brought you into Music.

5.     Go into that option

6.     Now, Voice Over Users, this is where you might have to do an extra step. What we are trying to find are the letters EQ, which stand for equalizer. When you flick left to right, it might not be in range of Voice Over. To get below where Voice Over is stopping, take three fingers, place them at the bottom of the screen, then slide all three of them up the screen all at once. Then you might hear this odd kind of high pitch sound for a split second. If you now flick left to right, more options are accessible by Voice Over. Now, follow the same directions as non-Voice Over users from this point on

7.     For all users, you want to go to the letters EQ on the screen that stand for equalizer.

8.     Go into that option by tapping or double tapping if you are using Voice Over.

9.     Go down the alphabetical list to the Late-night option.

10.  Select that by tapping or double tapping if you use Voice Over.

11.  When I selected that option, I heard a change right away in the volume of my Voice Over. It was only a little louder, but still louder nonetheless.

12.  Be aware, if you chose that option, you cannot choose any of the other options which might enhance your listening experience. You can experiment with all the different types of sound output by just tapping or double tapping on each one. You should have some form of music to test the sound changes. Like use Pandora, Spotify, or any of the free music radio station apps. That is, if you donít have an Apple Music Subscription.

13.  Once you decide which option suits you the best, louder, classical, dance, jazz, or whatever, just go back page by page until you are on the main Settings Page and then close Settings. It will be saved just that easily.

To summarize, open settings, music, then go down to the letters EQ, and then down to the Late-Night option and select it if you want your phone louder.


Note, there might be times when you want to use this process because you know the phone will need to be louder that day. Then make the above changes for that day and change them back when done.