my-photo-of-a-hot-air-balloon-with-red-white-yellow-and-black--verticle-stripes--and-a-flame-shooting-up-inside-the-balloon-can-be-seen"         SUCH A SITE  



This is the website of Glenda Such, feel free to write an email to me by using this You may also feel free to copy the following link to this website to share with others who might find it of interest


Because this Website is updated frequently with additional topics and information,  please refresh with Control F5 for Windows or reload if on the Apple Platform to be sure the most recent version of this website is displayed. The last update to this site was made on June 9, 2024.          


This website is continuously expanding its subjects and topics. A few examples are : assistive technology, smart phones with their virtual assistants, including Apple's Siri and Samsung's Bixby,   using screen readers such as JAWS and the free programs such as NVDA and voice over , using  Zoom Conferencing with a visual impairment, exploring Mindfulness and Acupressure, simulations of various types of low vision, a wide range of resources,  information, and things to know when someone has low vision or are  blind, Where to purchase products which might be helpful  for those with a slight vision reduction or a total vision loss. Along with those subject areas are pages on audio described movies, exercises which are audio described, Mindfulness Practices, Acupressure, sounds of nature, trivia facts, Emojis useable for both Windows and the Apple platforms, information about the workings of the human brain, the ADA and Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and a link to the Delaware Valley Council of Citizens with Low Vision's page. As stated before, there are new subject areas added frequently to this website and upon returning to this site, it is important to refresh or re-download this website to make sure the most current version is being viewed.

All Photos on this page are ones I have taken as a nature photographer. I used a hand held telescope to see the details and then used my 35mm camera to do the rest. I had low vision when each of the photos were shot. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have over the years.



Now see the links below to learn all which can be found on this website.

 iphone: using  , customizing, Get useful tips, and repairing/replacing components of both iPhones and iPads

Voice Over: Apple's  Built-in Speech Output To Use All iPhones/iPads  And Many Apps Without Using Eyesight


Siri, Learn To Use It to its Fullest Capacity.

Samsung Users, Do You Have  Bixby Turned On? Do You Know It Does What Siri And Alexa Does? Learn What It Can Do and how To Set It Up.


“my-photo-taken-in-the-rocky-mountains--of-a-single-tree--with-light-bark-of-the-trunk-curving-around-the-first-twenty-feet--and-then-a-thin-layer-of-dark-green-leaves-going-across-the-topMindfulness and Meditation Practices, UPDATED RECENTLY, see What has been added to help you  to Be in the Present, Have Less Stress, Be Kind To Yourself And Your Body, and to help increase your overall mindset for the issues of life.

Audio Described Movies,  learn the  way to know what is happening on the movie screen when someone can't see , and learn where to find such movies.



Get ready to hear the audio Described version of the movie Mrs. Doubtfire with Robin Williams and Sally Fields when you click on this link. But, don't expect to see anything, it is all about hearing and not seeing.


Watch Videos Simulating How People With Some of the Different Forms of Low Vision See their Environments.

Acupressure, want to find  where you can press your fingers on your body to relieve Headaches, back, neck and other pains, as well as reduce anxiety, and boost your immune system?   Click now to check it out.   


Delaware Valley Council of Citizens with Low Vision, enter or click here to learn about this group who focus on issues faced by people who have or have had low vision. Listen to a sample of their meetings, learn about their purpose, and learn how to join even if not in the Delaware Valley, USA.



Exercise Workouts, Chair Yoga, Cardio Workouts, and More Which Are All Fully Audio Described.





Do you have low vision? What you should know, what you can do, how to maximize the vision you still have, benefits you might receive, resources which might be of help, research being done, organizations you should know about, how to do things such as cutting food, cooking, walking outside safely, knowing denominations of money, finding large print or talking devices to tell time, use a cell phone, read your mail, clean your home, and much more. 


 All about the Brain, how it Works, Memories, and more.






Nature Videos: Real Life Sounds and Videos of The Ocean, Birds, Forests,  


Check out Apps For iPhone/iPad Reviewed by Glenda Such, a Visually Impaired User, and See the Tips for Their Best Use with Voice Over.

Talking, Large Print and Braille watches, Color detectors, Electronics, See  who Sells Them and So Much more.   


My-photo-of-the-rocky-mountain-range--and-there-are-so-many-tips-of-the-dark-yet-white-snow-covered-mountains-it-would-be-hard-to-count-each-one--and-this-photo-was-taken-high-on-top-of-one-of-them--on-a-rough-trail-used-by-hunters--which-took-a-full-hour-trip-in-a-jeep-to-reach"Financial Resources, benefits, grants, other forms of Financial Help from various Sources for various needs 

Learn how to Live Life More Independently With Low or No Vision by Checking out the How To Videos For Lots of Daily Living Area



Sleep Apnea, What It IS, How It IS Diagnosed, Sleep Studies, Treatments, Types of CPAP Machines and more. 

Androids: Accessibility for the visually Impaired

JAWS Screen Reading Program for Windows, see the Reference sheets, and Links to Webinars by Freedom Scientific




My-photo-of-the-ocean-at-dusk--with-waves-which-look-very-purple--and-are-gently-rolling-onto-the-silver-toned-sand--and-the-light-gold-sun-is-still-fairly-high-in-the-sky--and-in-the-foreground-is-a-tiny-dark-brown-bird-and-it-is-watching-closely-for-any-types-of-food-to-be-left-by-the-waves-as-they-slowly-recede-back-into-the-ocean"NVDA Free Screen Reading Program for Windows, Learn How to Get It, Use It, and How to improve it.


Visual  System, How It Works, Floaters, Problems Seeing Colors, and when In Glare or Darkness.

Hearing system, How It Works, Tinnitus, Loss Of Hearing High or Low Frequencies, Tools to Use and More.


NOTE: There is an alphabetized list of all the pages on this site provided below. Each have longer descriptions of each of the topics of those pages. But, first check out the next items:


IMPORTANT CHALLENGE FOR ALL: click on this link to listen to a short sample of audio description of The highly visual Wizard of Oz movie. Hear how many  people who cannot fully see enjoy movies a little easier. Afterwards, click on the link on audio description to learn  more about the topic, where to find more movies, and more.


Acupressure Points you can do yourself for everything from boosting your Immune System, to relieving pain, to reducing stress, to helping you sleep.





American’s with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, overviews, how it Impacts Students Entering Post-Secondary Institutions, How it Effects Employment Opportunities, What Cases has the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Had on Issues Relating to Blindness or Low Vision, What are the Legal Questions being asked by Employers about Hiring or Retaining Someone with a Visual Impairment and What Legal Answers are They Getting, What Resources are Available for People with Visual Impairments for their Legal Rights under the ADA and the Rehab Act of 1973. Those are just a few of the Topics you will find if you click or enter on this link.


 Android Smart Phones for the Visually Impaired or Blind. A list of ways to make an Android Cell Phone more accessible, talk the text on the screen, make print more visible, turn the phone into a scanner, magnifier, be a way to maintain a calendar of appointments, read the denominations of paper currency and so much more. Click on this link to see what I have found. While I am not an authority on Androids, I have tapped resources and people who use Androids and are in the field of Assistive Technology.




Apps which I have found interesting for anyone to use, and are also accessible for someone using voice over. The apps cover a wide variety of uses which are too long to cover here. I provide my opinion of the app and a very basic review of how it works and a link to the app on the Apple app store. Click on this link to find out which apps I recommend.


Audio Description, before I say anything else, this page contains direct links to the actual movie sound tracks with audio description for over 230 movies. Check some of them out and you will find the quality to be excellent. If you have full vision, try experiencing movies the way people with low or no vision might enjoy a movie. Now, beyond all the 260 plus movies, there is an explanation of what audio description is, how it started, what audio described movies are in the cinemas and on TV, and so much more is at your disposal if you click on this link.


Brain and its parts, how it Works Including Memory Storage and body memory, how thoughts are made, and the Sympathetic and parasympathetic Nervous System, as well as Information on a few other Body Systems such as the Respiratory, Nervous, and the blood vessel system.  Click on this link to learn all about the Brain and the other systems.


Do You Know Why Something is called a Certain Name? Do you Know some Things Have Names When You Never Knew They Did? Are you using Things the Correct Way they Were Made to be used or Eaten? Do you Know What Myths are untrue? Click or enter on this link and have fun with the trivial bits and pieces of life. This is my page to find out if you know about the little things in life which might be a bewilderment, or, we might be doing something not in the way it was intended. I have compiled a page of videos which go over these items.  Click or enter on this link to learn all about these things. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did in finding them for this page.



Ear and the Hearing System, its parts, how we hear certain sounds. Click on this link to learn more about the way people hear.


Emojis That Work on Windows and Apple/Mac Platform with their full meanings and can be cut and pasted from this site for your use.  Click on  this link to learn of and paste the right expression to your messages.


Employment       Resources for Job Seekers. A Huge List of Job Search Engines and Job Boards Specific to Various Fields and Professions, From Technology, to the Health Industry, to the Non-Profit Environment, to the Wide Range of the Arts, to the Restaurant Field, to Jobs in the Government, and on and on. Click on this link to see the page which is extremely long and your Interest May be Many Pages Down from the Start. The list Overall is Over 12 Pages Long.



Exercise through stretches, Chair Yoga, Gentle Workout Sets, and Much More to come for people to participate in those activities whether you have vision or not. Click on this link to find a growing number of audio MP3 files created by Blind Alive and posted with their permission on Such A Site.


Eye and the Visual System, the parts and how they Function, also How do we have depth perception and what does the eye have to do with seeing Color? Click on this link to get the answers to that question and more.


Face book Keyboard Shortcuts which can be used by anyone including those using a screen reader. Click on this link to see the document copied from Face book's Help Section.


Financial resources list for assistance with eye care the costs of medications by patient assistance programs through drug manufacturers, and assistance with finding resources to aid in affording a service animal.  Click on this link to see if there is anything for you or someone you know.


Funny or Interesting Responses From Siri can be heard by asking the right questions. Click on this link to go to the page I have created myself to make this happen., I have given the exact phrasing of questions or statements one can give to your Siri feature of your Apple Device.  Then you can hear how the Apple programmers have an interesting sense of humor when you hear Siri's responses.


International Organizations, Services, Agencies, and Offerings for People who are Visually Impaired or Blind. The links on the page you will go to by clicking or entering on this link will provide you with the names and contact information for reaching out to them for information or services. The countries included are extensive thanks to several sources I tapped into for this growing new part of my site.






Increasing the Size of Print Which is Displayed on a  Windows Computer. By clicking on this Link, You Will Learn of The Various Built In and Software Remedies To Make the Print on A Windows Computer Larger and Enhanced for Someone with Low Vision.


iPhone and a little iPad.  This includes user's guides for phone 6s through   the iphone 12.  Also, there are instructions to be able to make changes in some of the phone settings, such as the Siri voice, new mail and new text tones, battery draining components, how to create text replacements, customizing your phone, and more. There is an audio lesson by me on how to dictate using Siri and proper punctuation. Click on this link to see all that is on the page for phone users. For those wanting information about Voice Over, see the Voice Over link at the bottom of this page that lists  all the  links on my site.





JAWS, (Job Access with Speech) Screen Reading Program, with links to reference sheets, You Tube Videos, and many Webinars by Freedom Scientific on using JAWS with a wide variety of programs as well as how to work with Amazon and Target.  Click on this link to learn more about JAWS.


Keyboards with phone and iPod, includes an audio recording describing the key layouts and some of their basic functions, a video which gives a full list of the Keystroke Commands with the Bluetooth keyboard on the phone and iPod for navigation, editing, mailing, surfing the web and more.  Click on this link to find out more about this topic.





Low Vision, Visually Impaired, and Blindness related medical Information, Resources, Agencies, Organizations, Services, Research, Vision Simulations, Sports Organizations, Rehabilitation Techniques, Benefit Finders, Discounts, and more. Click or enter on this link to find all of those items


Nature Sound Videos which were compiled from ones posted on You Tube, including  ones of birds, rain, the ocean, Summer night sounds, early morning sounds, and much more. Click on this link to listen and find out if any help you to relax, sleep, or just take a nice break


My-photo-of-a-beautiful-golden-sunset--with-people-strolling-the-shore-line--in-Long-Beach--Long-Island--New-York"Mindfulness Guided Meditation with explanations' of its beginning and purpose.   There are many recordings to help you as they guide you through the process of body awareness, awareness of breath, anxiety relief, self appreciation, and ones that assist in helping you sleep. The recordings vary  with some having a Single Voice, others with  A Voice with Music and yet others with the Sounds of Nature. Click on this link to explore and experience the benefits of the recordings and information.



NVDA, a  Free Screen Reading Program, this page  covers everything from Downloading the program Link, through the User’s Manual to the Instructional Videos on using NVDA created by the American Foundation for the Blind.  Click on this link to learn about this free program.


 Path for People Whose Vision Cannot be Corrected by Conventional Glasses. A page which lays out the various actions a person can take to have full visual rehabilitation Services, Information, Resources, and Coping tools for the stresses of having a visual impairment or low vision.



Siri Commands and Capabilities. A complete list of all the things Siri can do to let you be more informed, on time, communicative, as well as amused. Click on this link to see the page which is linked to documents I created


 Sleep Apnea, if you or someone you know snores then you want to click or enter on this link to learn how danger of a serious health problem might be knocking at your door. The page has information from its definition, causes, symptoms, ways to learn if you have it, diagnosis process, treatments, the history of the CPAP, all about how it works, newer versions of the CPAP, Tips from the FDA on the CPAP, How to sleep with it on, and alternatives to treating and managing sleep apnea other than using a CPAP type of device.




Stargardt's Eye Disease, Information from Diagnosis to research to potential future treatments.  Click on this link to learn more about this rare eye disease.


Trivia Facts About Everything from Why Things Have the Names They Have,

What Things Are Called When You Never Thought They Had a Name, Myths That Just Are Not True, Things the Body Can do Which You Might Not know, and so much more information are All on This page which is the same as the one listed earlier on my site. It is replicated here under Trivia for Those Who Would Look for it Using That Word. If you click or enter on this Link, you will go to that same page which is filled with many, many trivial pieces of information.



Vendors, a comprehensive list of those who Sell products which Might Be Helpful for People who have low vision, are visually impaired, or are functionally or totally Blind. This includes vendors selling Assistive Technology, Canes, Talking Products, Large Print Products and much more.  Click on this link to explore what is available through these vendors.


Voice Over on the phone and iPod. This will take you to a page of many instructional videos and lessons specifically designed for helping users with the Voice Over program. This will include many videos by the Hadley Institute and also other instructors on using Voice Over with various apps on the phone and iPod. It also will provide instruction on using Voice Over itself.  This page will always be growing not only with additional videos but with lessons I will create or provide that other instructors have created. Click on this link to find all those items.




Supplemental learning page

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